3 Tips for Starting & Growing Your Business in Today's Crazy World

What are the top 3 tips for starting a business in 2022? What about for growing one?

July 26, 2022
3 Tips for Starting & Growing Your Business in Today's Crazy World

How to Start or Grow A Business in 2022 - 3 Foundational Steps

What's the driving force behind your business? 🤔

What's the main goal?

You may say: "Helping people achieve their dreams through {insert your service}," "becoming the best {insert profession} in {insert area}," "changing the way {insert what you do} is done"

For me, it's: Helping trade-based businesses achieve their business goals and personal dreams through growing their business online.

But I want you to dig a little deeper, ⛏️

I had to think like this: How will I achieve that dream? - And what could also bring my dream crashing down in hellfire 🔥?

It's a simple thing, but it can sometimes be very complex.


No, it's not a name for a weird old foreign 👑 royal.

Revenue is the driving force and what will help you achieve that main dream of becoming the best BLANK in all of BLANK. And it's also what would bring that dream crashing down if you could not find a way to make more of it.

So we are going to ease the journey. Grease the pig 🐷 as they say (does anyone say that? Ew.)

So what are three ways you can start growing your revenue starting LITERALLY RIGHT NOW?

(This goes out to all my plumbers, roofers, and electricians, but anyone can benefit!) 👏

☑️ 1. Craft a Direct Message to Your Ideal Client

Find or identify your target audience (your ideal client) and craft a message to them directly! (Like a silver bullet.)

You may be thinking, how?

Define your target audience - who are they?

Craft a message for them - what do they need?

Make sure they see the message - where do I need to be so they see my message?


Benefits: You become a specialist in your field. You are no longer just another business, you then become a business for that person, and you are everywhere they are. Like a stalker and its prey, you are ready to pounce a make a sale.

☑️ 2. Attract those ideals to your message (also called: crafting your offer)

What can you offer to attract the ideal clients to your offering? - what will resonate with them to be like, "Hey! I want to do business with them!"

For a roofer, you may offer: 0% financing for 12 months OR Buy Now, Pay Later! - big job? No worries!

For a plumber, you may offer: 24/7 service with a guaranteed repair within 24 hours! - Is the toilet spilling everywhere? No worries!

☑️ 3. Start lead generation services to generate hungry clients

How can you get people coming to you on autopilot?

Big Budget? - Start advertising - paid ads on Facebook or Google are usually a good way to quickly generate a lot of results! OR Invest in SEO - the best long-term growth channel. Period.

Medium Budget? - Start investing in local SEO for your website and/or email marketing to start nurturing cold leads into clients over time!

Small Budget? - Start investing in your Google My Business! Reach the three map pack in your local area!

Now revenue should be easy, right? 😏

No. ❌

It's still a complex problem for all business owners. But now you have a way to tackle it in a specific way!

😉 Now you have the steps to succeed.

And this is the process I am going through with Aspyr to grow my revenue and start achieving my business dream of changing business owners' lives.

Now, which of the strategies have you had a GOOD experience with? Creating your target audience, crafting your offer, or starting to generate leads?

Let me know in a message, email or give me a call!👏