Does reaching PAGE 1 of Google matter in SEO?

Ranking on page 1 of search engines is important for SEO but what truly matters in SEO? Is it just Page 1 status?

July 20, 2022
Does reaching PAGE 1 of Google matter in SEO?

Does reaching PAGE 1 of Google matter in SEO?

Or frankly, should you care when a someone whispers in your ear:”We can get you on Page 1…and give you all of your hearts desires” 🔮? Well, it kinda depends…

Page 1 of Google, to most people, is like the holy grail, the cream of the crop, the icing on your expensive cupcake, etc, etc. But like any part of SEO a lot ot times the results of Page 1 rank vary. 

For example, think about this: When you visulize your self riding high, ranking on page 1, what do you expect?

Most likely, a consistent inflow of sales, more business then you know what to do with, revenue up to your eyebrows and random pedistrians pointing you out on the street because they know you and your business, (acheving a celebrity status really). 😎

Am I right? 

What is the job of an SEO professional?

But a lot of times as SEO’s our job is 𝐧𝐨𝐭 to help you break through the boundaries of all the hardest and most competitive areas of Google Search; but to take advantage of all the areas where the competition is not. Now you may be thinking 💭…why? 

If I go where my competition is not, then I won’t get the customers they are getting where they are, right? 

Nope. ❌

Your competition is thinking the exact same way. 

That trying to rank for the hardest and most competitive searches is the way to succeed. Battle hard, win big type of mindset. 💪

Work smarter not harder

This is called, working smarter, not harder. (Not really an SEO term, but bear with me) 😆

If you work on ranking in the areas where people are still searching for your service but they have less competition, You can take on 3-4 of those areas, rank page 1, and easily convert 2x what your biggest competitor is. 

How? 🤔

Well those areas are usually more direct from a customers standpoint. For example: Searching “plumber” will have significantly more traffic than “plumber in greenville, sc”

But by ranking for “plumber in greenville, sc” instead of just “plumber”

You are more likely to convert those searchers. They are looking for a plumber yes, but they want to niche down to a plumber that is in there local area.

You check all of the boxes for them: You are ranking page 1 for the keyword they are looking for, you are a plumber in greenville sc, you are easy to get in contact with, and you close the sale. 

Boom 🤯, you see where I am going with this? 

“By working in the smart areas first you can truly benefit from SEO like no other and even more than your competitors. ”

So ask yourself, 

Are we working to rank where it matters? Or where it really just hurts? 🤕

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