Website redesign: the process behind it

Website Redesign - What is the thought process behind it? How do you effectively get going?

July 20, 2022
Website redesign: the process behind it

Website redesign: the process behind it

Lets start with a question...

Have you ever remodeled a part of your house? Or gotten a new car? What about redone a work project?

Have you ever redone any task in your life?

Trick question! 🤣

You have!

And if your like; wait no I haven't… 🤔

Then think back to this morning or yesterday and I guarantee you have something that you wanted to redo or could have done better.

Don’t worry! Its called being human. 🤷

And when you think of remodeling a home, painting a room, or redoing some work or personal task.

What is the thought process behind it?

The process

Usually its:

1. First, taking a step back and looking and a previously completed project

2. You usually see and compile what went well first 

3. Then you compile all the issues and areas that did not go so well

4. Then you may brainstorm a couple ideas on how it could be done better next time 

5. Lastly you begin setting tasks to get the project redesign started

And this can be applied to almost any situation! - Its usually the initial thought process before you decide to redo anything. 🤯

And its also the process that I advise when taking a look at your website and deciding if you want a website redesign done. See where I went with this? 😏

Website Redesign - the process

1. ✅ Take a look at your current website (scorll through all the pages, look at all the content and various sections, get a good idea of what your website is like right now) 

2. ✅ What works well? (what have you gotten compliments on? What do customers usually gravitate to? What do you simply love about your website right now?) 

3. ✅ What is not working?  (Where do customers struggle? Where could be a good place to add more information? Where are the areas that could use a freshen up? 

4. ✅ What can you do right now to make it better? (Writing some updated content? Creating a new service page? Updating old pictures) 

5. ✅ Set the tasks! (Now lets set aside some time on the Calender to get those things done!) 

A website is like the online vehicle or home for your business.

Its a essential tool in order to maintain the modern standard of business in 2022 - its not like having an old Ford Pinto, or living in your ancestral cottage in the Scotland hills. Old, outdated, and frankly kinda weird. 👴

But a modern, professional website is like driving a 2023 Tesla Roadster up to your sleek and eco friendly, AI assisted home in northern california. Beautiful, celeb status, and the height of success. 🤑

It’s the prefect lifestyle (for me anyway!) 

And its achievable! 🤩 A website is available to all business owners looking to take up there business game and start living in 2022. 

My challenge

So here is my challenge to you, 

Complete steps 1-2 above (Take a look at your current site, and then write down what works well) - and send me your results in the comments below or DM me! And I will help you, no strings attached, through the next 3 steps.