How we increased the SEO traffic for The Roofing Company by 40%

Using effective website design + SEO tactics we were able to increase traffic steadily over 12 months.

How we increased the SEO traffic for The Roofing Company by 40%
The Roofing Company
SEO + Web Design
Project Timeline:

Project Overview

We started working with The Roofing Company in April of 2021. The Roofing Company is a residential and commercial roofing contractor in Greenville, SC & Charleston, SC. As one of our first clients, they were privy to most of our startup journey. It was a wild ride but from onboarding to finally getting started working with TRC was an amazing experience. When AspyrMktg. First began working with the company, they had one website, two Google My Business Profiles, little to no SEO work, and little to no Local GMB SEO work. And it was our job to take them to the next level. 

Throughout our time together, Aspyr Marketing:

  1. Built and optimized their second website targeting commercial roofing
  2. Created, optimized, and maintained their two and then four Google Business Profiles in Greenville, SC & Charleston, SC
  3. Began and Maintained a comprehensive SEO campaign to grow their traffic in both locations
  4. Increased page speed by over 3-4 seconds 
  5. Maintained the TRC blog with great content targeting various roofing topics 

Project Execution

Throughout the 12 months project span, we worked on an ongoing SEO campaign that included but was not limited to regular backlinking, increasing local SEO results through accurate citations (BBB, Yelp, Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc.), conducting Onsite SEO, and optimizing the content on the website's pages.

By tracking through powerful SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and more, we could fully track the website's performance over time. We made it easy to visualize where our traffic was coming from, the keywords we were ranking for, and how our work impacted the company.

This is an SEMRush report showcasing the traffic to the website in 2021 - 2022 the projects start and end dates

Project results

As a result of our work in that time, we were able to see a massive improvement in SEO on various keywords, increase our rank across all pages, grow page 1 rank ratios, and target more customers.

With two locations and multiple profiles and websites to manage, this was a huge and complex project which we are honored to have had the chance to handle. Working with The Roofing Company was a true joy and a wonderful experience, and I am now so glad to call the people there some of my greatest friends.

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