How we skyrocketed GARoofingPros to PAGE 1 in 6 months

With diligent SEO effort and foundational web design we went to work to get the results for our client

How we skyrocketed GARoofingPros to PAGE 1 in 6 months
Georgia Roofing Pros
SEO + Web Design
Project Timeline:

Project Overview

We started working with Georgia Roofing Professionals in November 2021. When they came to us via a referral partner, they had zero online presence and a dream. Georgia Roofing Professionals or GARoofingPros is a residential and commercial roofing company based out of Marrietta, GA. 

We were so glad to have had the opportunity to work with them, and I and glad to call both the owner and office manager some of my great business friends. 

By March of 2022, we were able to:

  1. Bring GARoofingPros onto the first page for their Home Page & the Marietta, GA location page for keywords such as [georgia roofing company, roofing company Marietta ga, Georgia roofing, and more. 
  2. Create & optimize and receive traffic from the GARoofingPros google my business profile.
  3. Launch a Facebook profile and start posting for their business page to grow engagement.

Project Execution

We first started with a great foundation of a properly optimized website. We truly went all out to make sure that, as a roofer in an incredibly competitive niche, GARoofingPros would be able to stand out as quickly as possible in the local area.

With top-tier onsite SEO, technical SEO, fully optimized service pages, a full location page targeting Marietta, and a new Google Business Profile backed by local SEO and citations. GARoofingPros was able to see some great traction very quickly.

With diligent backlinking efforts combined with ongoing website maintenance, communication with our client, and ensuring that we were on the same page at all times, we were able to track, report, and help the team at GARoofingPros understand what was going on at all times.

The GARoofingPros Website that was built here at Aspyr Marketing
This image showcases the keywords (far left) and the positions of the website when searching those keywords (highlighted in Red) all in March 2022

Project results

We saw some amazing results with our partnership's hard work and diligence by both the GARoofingPros team and myself. And though GARoofingPros had to part ways due to internal conflicts, we parted ways on great terms, we will continue to monitor their performance over time, and we have high hopes for working together in the future.

SEO is a complicated and complex process, but if it is done correctly with diligence, endurance, and integrity behind all of the efforts we showcased, you can reap amazing rewards.

By working with Aspyr Marketing, you can rest assured that our partnership with you and our goals to grow your business the right way is our main and priority motivation. Contact us today!

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